Window Latch Replacement

Make your latch replacement a breeze – Window latch repair services in Singapore

When your windows and doors have warped, sagged or gotten jammed, they may need urgent fixing. But you don’t want to call in a professional carpenter to fix the latch on your balcony, patio door or sliding windows. Instead, you want to tackle the issue yourself. Fortunately for you, it’s no hassle at all. If you know how to fix a broken window latch with ease, it will make life so much easier for you from then on as well. You see, there are many DIY solutions available that will get rid of your broken window latch problem in no time flat – and the sooner you know about them the better!

Window latch installations

By far the most prevalent kind of window locks, latches are installed on sashes, safeguarding them together when you close the window from the inside. You must think of window latches as your main window lock that can be accompanied by extra locks.

If the locks or latches on your windows are not working correctly, you cannot consider your house and workplace safe. Thieves can come in when on earth they want. That is why you have to call LS Window Repair Singapore ASAP and our crew of experts will take care of window latches or locks repairs!

Apart from calling LS Window Repair Singapore when you required your window latches repaired, you can call us for a lot of other things. For instance, if you have lately bought a new set of windows and now need to install good quality locks, LS Window Repair Singapore is the company to call. You can similarly contact us if you want your old window latches replaced with new ones.

Call LS Window Repair Singapore for emergency latch repair

If you find a broken window latch while you are away from home, you can count on us to come and repair it. We will be at your premises within an hour. Our team of technicians can handle the emergency job without requiring any advanced skills or tools. If your window latch is broken, you might have to close the doors and windows at home for security reasons. You will have to call us to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Self-help remedies for jammed windows

If you have a jammed window and a broken latch, you can use a hammer and nails to pry open the window. You can also try pouring oil, WD-40, or any other lubricating substance on the latch to loosen it. Alternatively, you can also try cleaning the window with vinegar and water. Another method to unjam a window is by applying pressure to the latch from the other side. This will force the latch to bend over the frame. If you are unable to do these things yourself, you can call a professional window repair company to help you. Alternatively, you can also call us to fix the broken window latch.

Safe and simple fixing methods for sagging latching

If your latching mechanism is damaged because of wear and tear, you can use a bent hook to straighten the latching mechanism. A bent hook can be found in a hardware store. Simply use a hammer to bend the hook and hammer it into the latching mechanism. You can also try using a pry hook for extra strength. You can also use a screwdriver to pry open the mechanism. Another method to straighten sagging latching is by using a putty knife. You can use a putty knife to push the sagging latch up from the bottom. You can also use a jackhammer or a mini pry bar to pry open the latching mechanism.

Fixing warped latching with a bendable hook

If your latch hook is bent, you can straighten it with a hooking tool. You can get hooking tools from a hardware store. Simply insert the hooking tool into the latch hook and gently pull it until the hook is straight. You can also bend the hook with a pry hook. A pry hook is similar to a hooking tool but with a flat surface. You can use it to pry open the warped latch hook. You can also use a hammer and a piece of wood to straighten the hook. You can insert the hook and pry open the hook with a hammer.

Choose LS Window Repair Singapore for Window latch replacement

At your door step, LS Window Repair Singapore offer a window latch replacement service. We will replace your broken window latch with a new one at a very affordable price. If you find a broken window latch, you can call us to get it fixed. We also offer a window latch installation service, wherein we will come and fix it for you. We will also replace the sagging or damaged latching mechanism with a new one. These are some of the best ways to repair a broken window latch. If you have a broken window latch, don’t try to fix it by yourself. Instead, contact the professionals for the repair. Our team will be at your doorstep with all the tools and skills needed to fix the broken latch on your window. LS Window Repair Singapore will also help you with any other window latch issue you might have.

Contact LS Window Repair Singapore professionals

If there is anything goes wrong with your window, you must call us to get it fixed immediately. Or else, the problem can have a severe influence on your ease, as well as the safety of your property. Contact us a call if you experience the following:

  • I am not able to shut my window because of the broken window lock
  • I am not able to unlock my window latch
  • I have broken the latch on my window
  • I need to replace old window locks with new locks

Obviously, these are just few examples of the window latch issues for which we have way out. And even if the problem that has been troubling you is not on the list, it does not mean we are not able to handle it. Our crew of experts has the tools and the understanding to solve accurately any issue, as long as it is linked to window locks.


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