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HDB Window Repair and Replacement

As per the guidelines of HDB, homeowners are required to check the condition of their windows twice a year by hiring trained window contractors who are approved by BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION AUTHORITY and listed with HDB.  We, a team of skilled professionals are approved by the BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION AUTHORITY and listed with HDB.  Our services comply with the rules and regulations of the board and we make absolutely no room for any kind of discrepancy.  Since HDB is a huge residential property, the services needed would be in bulk too! We have enough staff and manpower to accommodate any kind of service request that we get.

We provide quality services in the following sectors:

  • Window Repair.
  • Window Replacement.
  • Window Hinges Repair and Replacement.
  • The Window Handles Repair and Replacement.
  • Window Locks Repair and Replacement.


We take up repair services of all types of windows no matter which material they may be made up of. Windows may be a pain if damaged and not repaired on time. Therefore, hurry up and call us and get your windows repaired.


Sometimes, mere window repairs don’t work. This may be an indication that things have gotten out of control and it is best if the windows are replaced. We provide complete A to Z replacement services. You can trust us completely with the quality and service all through the process.


Window hinges are an important part of the window fitting without which the window would not function properly. But not everything will work fine forever and will need service. If you feel like your hinges have some kind of an issue that is hampering the function of your windows, feel free to call and get it repaired.


How would you open the windows if there is no handle? Handles are very important to access the windows. With such importance attached to window handles, it becomes highly recommended to keep them functional. We are hosts to any kind of service you may need to get your handles either repaired or replaced altogether.


Locks make up the topmost priority components of a window. Actually, not just a window. Locks are important in every other fitting too. It is responsible for the safety and security of your house. If your locks aren’t functional, it may be a major cause of concern due to the risk that it projects. Therefore always make sure to call us even if you have the slightest doubt that your locks may have some issue with them! 

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