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Have we ever seen a house without even a single window? No, don’t think so! Windows make everything more lively and beautiful. Not just beauty, they also facilitate natural sunlight into the house. 

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A lot of advantages associated with having windows in a house. Some of which are: 


  1. Windows are a medium for you to enjoy your neighborhood view or just opening the window and standing there helps you relax 
  2. Windows are great sources of cross ventilation which is very much needed. 
  3. They provide safety and security. With the latest technology, windows are made up of glasses that can’t be broken easily. 
  4. They give way for natural sunlight to enter our homes which is very important for our health and wellness.
  5. They enhance the visual effect of your house. A house with windows will always look better than a house without it.
  6. Windows increase the overall value of the house as nobody would like to buy or rent a boring window-less space! 


We understand the importance of windows in a house and therefore deal with A to Z of window installation and repair. From window hinges to window locks, we deal with all of it and offer the best solutions and choices for your home.


Window hinges

There are many types of window Hinges available. The most common and used ones are: 

  1. Egress hinge
  2. Counterbalanced hinges.

The type of hinge you choose needs to be in co-relation with the purpose it is being used for. Like egress hinges are mostly used in bedrooms to prevent any kind of fire damage whereas a counterbalanced hinge is used everywhere else to prevent any kind of damage due to wind. Once the purpose is clear, the type of window hinge needed for your window can be decided as well. 


Window handles

There are mainly 2 types of window handles. They are: 

  1. Espag handles
  2.  Cockspur handles 

These handles are fixed by 3-4 screws which screw into the opening of the window. These handles are usually found in some wooden windows and old glazed uPVC windows. 

Other types of handles are Venetian window handles, Tilt and Turn handles, Spade blade and fork handles.  

Always be creative and thoughtful in choosing handles for your windows. Not all types of handles will go with all types of windows. Steel windows complement different styles of handles while wooden windows would complement different styles. 

We help you in choosing handles and hinges as per your choice and then provide installation services of the same! 


Window locks 

Locks are the most important part of not just your windows but every other fitting on your furniture. Window locks are important as windows block the entry or trespassing of unknown and unwanted people. We help you choose a window lock, install it and if there is any issue in the future regarding any of the fittings, we offer satisfactory and top-class repair service too.


Types of window locks

Window latches

Keyed locks

Child safety latches

Swivel action locks

Lag screws

Sliding window locks

Hinged Wedge locks

Window pin lock

Folding latches

Handle lock

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